Thursday, June 13, 2013

This week's obsession: The Middle Eight

I stumbled across The Middle Eight while exploring YouTube this week. Watching random music videos and late-night interviews of interesting (The Lonely Planet) to semi-interesting (Monica Lewinsky) to idiotic (any of the Kardashians) people. That's the thing about YouTube-- you hop aboard meaning to make one stop, and one stop only (Oklahoma tornado footage, Psy's latest video, that "cute things animals do" clip your friend begged you to watch), until you realize you've spent two hours trolling (read: wasting your life).

And that's how I discovered The Middle Eight

My ears delighted at the sound of this Brooklyn-based band. Their music reminds me of 70s rock with a Beatles thing going on, layered with classical music sensibilities. No auto tune here, thank God.

I really dug their Latter Days music video. In my opinion, you can do no wrong when you use claymation. Check it out.