Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Abode: Shaker Heights home tour

Margaret Richards Frankel sits pretty under her favorite item in the house,
an antique Venetian glass chandelier given by her husband on their first
wedding anniversary. (Photos © Suzanna West Makowski

A house becomes a home when there is love, happiness and memories shared inside its walls. It also doesn't hurt to add a dash of style and sophistication.

Margaret Richards Frankel of Shaker Heights, Ohio can certainly say that about her Tudor Revival-style house. The home she shares with her husband and daughter is a fantastic mix of Medieval architecture (ornate woodwork, small diamond-shaped window panes, brick masonry) with a touch of the modern (colorful artwork, mid-century furniture) and vintage (antiques gathered from all over the world!).  

It's an eclectic mix that works thanks to Margaret's keen eye, strong instincts and sophisticated taste. "I want [my guests] to see and enjoy all of the house's natural beauty," she says. "But I also want them to enjoy my unique choices."

Take a step inside and be inspired.          


Jennifer Cho Salaff (JCS): What style is your house? When was it built?
Margaret Richards Frankel (MRF): It's a Tudor Revival, built in 1934 and there was an addition in 1937.

JCS: Tell me about the overall vibe of your home. How would you describe the interior décor?
MRF: The home itself has an inviting and yet formal vibe. The ornate plaster work and woodwork is in the traditional Tudor style making it cozy. Our décor makes it more inviting, adding color and warmth.

JCS: You've told me you love vintage items and antiquing. Where do you shop? How do you pick your pieces?
MRF: I pick up vintage and antique items from all over the world. But locally, I have found that the antique stores on Loraine Avenue (in Shaker Heights) have some amazing finds. Also, June Greenwald Antiques (in Woodmere)!

JCS: What qualities about your home made you fall in love with it?
MRF: The house is my mini-mansion. I love the attention to detail, the modern kitchen, the four full baths and our built-in bar in the basement -- complete with a small wine cellar.    

JCS: What is your favorite room?
MRF: My favorite rooms are the upstairs den which has the most amazing regal fireplace and my daughter Scarlett's room, because I was able to design and decorate it from a blank slate to completion.

JCS: Scarlett's nursery is adorable! Tell me more about it. What's your favorite part about this room?
MRF: The wallpaper is just so happy! The yellow color adds warmth and the floral pattern is pleasing. I also love the different fabrics in her room! 

JCS: What are you favorite items in your house?
MRF: I adore my antique Venetian glass chandelier hanging in my living room. It was my first anniversary gift from my husband. I also adore my daughter's canopy over her bed. It was my own design. It's whimsical and lovely.

JCS: When you want to relax which room do you go to?
MRF: I relax in our upstairs den. In a fur bean bag chair!

JCS: Your basement is so fun! It must be such a great space to entertain guests, especially with that fantastic bar. Have you had a lot of parties down there?
MRF: We have held several parties there. My husband's 30th birthday was Great Gatsby-themed and we used the basement as the speakeasy, complete with a bartender. It was a blast!

JCS: I've never seen wrought-iron gates inside a home before. What's the story there?
MRF: We don't know much about the wrought-iron gates, but an architect once told us he doesn't think they're original to the home. It is these kinds of details that made me fall in love with this house.

JCS: What do you want people to feel or notice when they walk into your home?
MRF: I want people to see and enjoy all of the house's natural beauty but I also want them to enjoy my unique fabric choices and the décor -- vintage, eclectic and sophisticated.

JCS: Decorating advice?
MRF: Decorate with colors and pieces that make you smile! If you need help honing your style, ask an expert! (Interior design books are very helpful!)

JCS: What makes a house a home?
MRF:  A house is a home when it is filled with love. My house is a home because my husband and daughter and I live and love there.     

Photographs by Suzanna West Makowski for love, -j.