Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Making a murderer

Are you watching Making a Murderer on Netflix?

If you haven't and you're like me -- you're drawn to crime dramas be it Law & Order, The Forensic Files, Sherlock -- then brace yourself. I'm halfway through this 10-episode documentary series (10 years in the making!) and I'm just gobsmacked. 

Thoroughly engaging with a story that's equal parts horrifying, fascinating and unimaginable, Making a Murderer is making my head spin. I've walked away from every episode so far shaking my fists in the air and shouting, "Unf*cking believable!!" 

There are so many layers to the Steven Avery story: justice and inequity, the educated vs. the ignorant, the poor and the rich, corruption, abuse of power and social class in America. I feel like I could talk about it for days.

But I won't. 

I'll continue binge watching until I'm done and get back to you. We'll discuss. Really, really hoping for a happy ending here (and truth and justice for all!!). 

10 facts about Making a Murderer. (A Cup of Jo)