Friday, March 4, 2016

Meanwhile... around the world

Admittedly, I've been swept up in election mania this week. It was enough to make me slip into despair. Thankfully a lot of amazing, inspiring things also happened around the world.

An American astronaut came home after a year in space.

Science has found cancer's Achilles heel.

We learned horses can read human expressions.

We can map thousands of whales simply by the sound of their singing.

This fun examination of NYC coffee cups.

This cool photographic book came out.

The Hubble telescope found the most remote galaxy ever.

Pretending you're creative will make you more creative.

and lastly...

The Flight of the Conchords are back!

Cancer, horse, whale and galaxy links via the Atlantic.
Coffee cup and photo book links via Kottke.
Pretending and Conchords links via Girls of a Certain Age.