Monday, June 24, 2019

Pea toast is the new avocado toast

Move over, avocado. Smashed peas is the new culinary "It Girl."

I was at Epistrophy last night and had this OMG-delicious pea mash on goat cheese + mascarpone spread topped with roasted pistachios, tender greens, mint and lemon zest on whole grain toast. Doesn't it look divine? 

A lower calorie alternative to its more full-figured cousin Avocado, Ms. Pea is just as flavorful and satisfying. Sweet, salty, sour, creamy, crunchy, light, aromatic. One would think pea toast would be cheaper, given peas are less per pound than avocados (0.99/lb vs. $2.33/lb if you wanna get technical). Unfortunately, Green Peas Toast on the Epistrophy menu will put you back $12, same as the 7 Grain Avocado Toast.

It's no wonder we're all going broke over smashed green things on bread. Hmmm... What will be next? Asparagus mash on toast? 

Why are will still talking about avocado toast? (Bon Appetit)