Monday, December 30, 2013

Monday selfie (NYE nails...inspired by holiday cocktails)

Drink (responsibly) and be merry! Today's selfie is inspired by a few of my favorite holiday cocktails.

Dear Reader,
Just a few more days of 2013. As you reflect on the past year, I hope you look back with fond memories and I pray it gives you the fuel to charge forward into 2014.    

Whether you're heading to a raucous New Year's Eve party or spending a quiet night with loved ones, NYE is the perfect occasion to showcase your fabulous self -- from head to toe and to the end of your fingertips! 

Today's nail selfie is inspired by some of my favorite holiday cocktails and features a gorgeous collection of nail colors from Chanel (a big thank you to the amazing cosmetics team at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beachwood, Ohio). 

Now, go have some fun and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

NYE cocktail inspiration #1: White Russian martini with a shot of Goldschlager

Frost and bling: Chanel Nail Colour in Pearl Drop with Sally Hansen Crown Jewels on the tips.
Click here for a yummy White Russian drink recipe from the good folks at Esquire. 

NYE cocktail inspiration #2: pink champagne in a gold-rimmed flute*

Keepin' it classy: Chanel Nail Colours in Ballerina with Rose Moire on the tips.  

*though technically not a cocktail, champagne always makes an elegant appearance at New Year's Eve. So why shouldn't you?

NYE cocktail inspiration #3: Sugar Plum Dreams

Pretty in pink: Chanel Nail Colour in May with Essie A Cut Above on the tips.
What's a Sugar Plum Dream? Find out here

NYE cocktail inspiration #4: Peach Bellini*

Peachy keen: Chanel Nail Colours in Frisson (base) and June (on bottom half of nail)
with 10 Day Nail Lacquer in Men At Work** and Sally Hansen Crown Jewels on tips.

*Peach bellinis on NYE? I say, why not? 

**Beauty tip: I used a toothpick, dipped it into my gold polish and applied a few dots to each nail. Then finished with a coat of gold glitter polish.  

NYE cocktail inspiration #5: Jingle Bell Julep

Jingle all the way: I love this look because it's bold and has an
endearing ugly Christmas sweater thing going on. Love!
Chanel Nail Colour in Coromandel and Sparitual Lacquer in Optical Illusion.  

A girl needs good tools. While working on this story, I fell in love with
Chanel's Protective Base Coat and Extreme Shine Nail Lacquer.
They're not kidding about "extreme" and "shine." Brilliant! 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

O Christmas Tree

Snow + Christmas tree farm = quintessential holiday family experience.
We ventured to Shawnee Trail Christmas Tree Farm in Hudson, OH.

Dear Reader,

This is how you do Christmas trees in Northeast Ohio.

Step one: Have fun. Lots of it.

Step two: Get your gear ready (in this case, a saw).
And don't forget to bring a very cute companion.

Step three: Be patient, search and find that special tree.

The kids picked this adorable 4' tree, to which we replied, "Don't you want a bigger, taller one?" They said in unison, "No! This one is perfect! It's SO CUTE!" How could we argue with them? It was perfect -- just the right size for them.

Step four: Chop chop chop. And put some muscle into it. 

Step five: Celebrate with a Tarzan-like victory cry.

Step six: Wait for your tree to get prepped for take home. (The good folks at the farm
use a machine to shake the snow, ice and leaves off your tree; then wrap it in twine.)

Step seven: Meet Daniel the Wizard (no, this is not
Gandalf) while you wait for your tree to get prepped.
(p.s. this guy is AWESOME)

Step eight: Let your kids use themselves as a perch
for Richard the Rooster and his wife, Millie.

Step nine: Take home your treasured find. Decorate and take
some ridiculously cute photos. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Links dec11

Williamsburg is proof that fashion must be the most
intoxicating release from the banality of the world.


  • What happens when you spend one afternoon on a busy Williamsburg, Brooklyn street corner? Fashion happens. (BuzzFeed)
  • Unfortunately terrible (read: awesomely bad) graphic design logos. ( Art)
  • A gripping series about one of New York's 22,000 homeless children. (The New York Times)
  • A Lost Boy of Sudan grows up and finds the American Dream just out of reach. (The New York Times Magazine)
  • This guy couldn't afford prosthetic limbs, so he made his own. (VICE Japan)

Friday, December 6, 2013

RIP Nelson Mandela

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Death by chocolate

Oh, Whole Foods... Why?

This holiday season, these sinful little things will be the death of me. Dark chocolate + caramel + coconut butter = I'm done for.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

This week's obsession: pinch your cheeks like you mean it

Grandmother approved.

A flushed, rosy cheek is a dead give away of good health and great skin. And I love nothing more than this adorable tube of wonderful-ness. A mustard seed-size dabbed on each apple of my cheek is all I need. Love.