Monday, July 22, 2019

On writer's block

I have so much to say and nothing great to write at the same time. Blame it on perfectionism or Pulitzer Syndrome or insecurity rearing its ugly self. So much to download as life has been quite eventful the past six weeks: 

  • Landed in New York City - an (im)possible dream fulfilled!
  • What moving a family of four to one of the busiest cities in the world looks like (hint: Have you ever driven a U-Haul into Lower Manhattan on a Saturday afternoon?)
  • Discovering delicious eats (like pea toast)
  • Race cars, the electric kind
  • Minds blown and expectations exceeded by the great Pierre Cardin at the Brooklyn Museum
  • Figuring out What's Next
  • Love for Willa Cather and Virginia Woolf rekindled 
  • My mid-life awakening

Well, at least I got the outline started. Now that I've thrown the bullet points out there, there's no excuse. Gleaning wisdom from one of my writing heroes, Malcolm Gladwell:

"I deal with writer's block by lowering my expectations. I think the trouble starts when you sit down to write and imagine that you will achieve something magical and magnificent - and when you don't, panic sets in. The solution is never to sit down and imagine that you will achieve something magical and magnificent. I write a little bit, almost every day, and if it results in two or three or (on a good day) four good paragraphs, I consider myself a lucky man. Never try to be the hare. All hail the tortoise."

This week's challenge: Channel my inner tortoise.

Drawing Hands by MC Escher