Wednesday, December 18, 2013

O Christmas Tree

Snow + Christmas tree farm = quintessential holiday family experience.
We ventured to Shawnee Trail Christmas Tree Farm in Hudson, OH.

Dear Reader,

This is how you do Christmas trees in Northeast Ohio.

Step one: Have fun. Lots of it.

Step two: Get your gear ready (in this case, a saw).
And don't forget to bring a very cute companion.

Step three: Be patient, search and find that special tree.

The kids picked this adorable 4' tree, to which we replied, "Don't you want a bigger, taller one?" They said in unison, "No! This one is perfect! It's SO CUTE!" How could we argue with them? It was perfect -- just the right size for them.

Step four: Chop chop chop. And put some muscle into it. 

Step five: Celebrate with a Tarzan-like victory cry.

Step six: Wait for your tree to get prepped for take home. (The good folks at the farm
use a machine to shake the snow, ice and leaves off your tree; then wrap it in twine.)

Step seven: Meet Daniel the Wizard (no, this is not
Gandalf) while you wait for your tree to get prepped.
(p.s. this guy is AWESOME)

Step eight: Let your kids use themselves as a perch
for Richard the Rooster and his wife, Millie.

Step nine: Take home your treasured find. Decorate and take
some ridiculously cute photos. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!