Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How do you spell Coke?

We were at In-N-Out for dinner the other night. Had this conversation with our 4-year-old (who has been very proud of himself lately for his mad spelling skillz):

Caden: (To Mom and Dad) What are you drinking?
Us: Coke.
Caden: Can I try a little?
Me: (Reluctantly) OK. But just one sip.
Caden: Does it have caffeine?
Me: Yes.
Caden: (Takes a sip, pauses to think) I know how to spell Coke!
Dad: Oh yeah, how do you spell it?
Caden: C-O-C-K!
Dad: (Looks up and smirks) Wow, Caden. That's great spelling!
Me: (To husband, laughing) You just don't have the heart to tell him...