Thursday, May 14, 2015

The death of conversation?

Is the Internet Age killing the art of conversation? I can see it happening all around me -- especially in my own home. My son's love of Minecraft and Subway Surfer borderlines on obsession. My daughter could watch toy reviewers on YouTube for hours. This morning I experienced a mini-anxiety attack because I actually had to call a parent to RSVP to a birthday party ("Where's the email address? What, I can't text?").

Pathetic, right?

It got so bad we had to instill a "no screen time" rule on school days, during meal times and while traveling in the car. I notice the absence of electronic devices encourages my children to play outside with the neighborhood kids, engage their imagination, create things with their hands, read books, sing, dance and just be.   

A balanced life is a life well lived, no? I love technology. I couldn't imagine functioning without my iPhone. Though I'm 3,000 miles away from my parents in California, we can FaceTime and not feel so far away from each other. I love my map apps, listening to music and podcasts, managing my checking account, scheduling meetings, keeping up with old friends. Cell phone cameras captured injustices in Ferguson, South Carolina, Balitmore and countless others. The Arab Spring couldn't have happened without social media.    

I recently came across this post about how smartphones could potentially ruin your life. It's a cautionary tale and a great reminder to lead mindful, well-rounded lives. These illustrations are funny (I've been guilty of many, if not all, of them!). Here are some of my favorites:


Illustrations via BlazePress