Monday, May 4, 2015

Radio silence

Hi lovelies! I'm back from the dead.

It seemed like everyone around me was dropping like flies because of this seasons-are-changing allergy/cold/flu thing going around. I thought I dodged a bullet and had avoided getting sick since Christmas. But no one is immune to nasty viruses. Not even oregano oil.

Today is the first day I feel back to my old self. Which of course got me thinking about good health in general. When you're stuck in bed for three days straight all you want is to feel better again.

Other thoughts whilst sick:

  • writing even the simplest email is a Herculean task
  • in addition to congestion, fever and extreme fatigue I also had a bad case of FOMO
  • Having the above-mentioned FOMO contributed to my being a social media lurker for five consecutive days (not pretty)
  • wearing the same germ-ridden pajamas for days on end is not good for your psyche
  • the worst thing about being ill: feeling like you're wasting time
  • the world seems a little cruel when it keeps turning while you're totally out of it
  • it takes a village to keep a house running when mama gets sick
  • small acts of kindness (flowers on the nightstand, your mother-in-law making chicken soup from scratch, get well kisses from your children) nurse the spirit back to health 

It's good to be back!  

Image via Hastac.