Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Home clothes

Do you have an item of clothing you wear at home all the time?

I have been wearing this plaid shirt almost EVERY DAY for the past two weeks. It's what happens when you work from home. I think fondly of those days when I worked in an office. Putting on the war paint and fabulous outfit, feeling ready to conquer the world. 

After a fulfilling day at work, I looked forward to my Mister Rogers Comes Home Moment. Remember when Fred Rogers would sing that cute tune, change out of his jacket and Oxfords and slip into something more comfortable -- which was usually a cardigan and pair of canvas sneakers? That was my reward at the end of the day. Kicking off my heels and changing into my slippers and favorite pair of comfy pants.

Admittedly, it's hard to feel like you're slaying when you're wearing pajamas or sweat pants or the same flannel button down every single day. I recently read about the concept of "home clothes" on one of my favorite blogs which got me thinking about articles of clothing you would might not want to be spotted in. Though I really like this flannel shirt I'm starting to think people might notice I wear it all the time. 

It's becoming my uniform.      

The definition of sexy.