Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Sleep trick

Do you have trouble sleeping?

Most nights it takes me up to an hour to drift away. I lay there envious of my husband next to me, his heavy breathing telling tales of sweet slumber. "You've left me behind," I sigh to myself. 

If something wakes me up in the middle of night it's often hard for me to fall back asleep. I'll toss and turn and start thinking about everything from my current errand list and what I need to pack for the kids' lunches to deadlines and who I need to call/text/email back. And then I'm done for. My brain is fully awake even though my body is tired and screaming inside.   

It's pure hell.

The other night I tried something unorthodox and it really helped. I flipped my body to the other side of the bed. I placed my pillow at the foot of the bed and my feet by the headboard. Maybe the mattress is firmer on that side, but everything felt more comfortable. I fell asleep pretty fast. A bizarre sleep hack for sure. But hey, it worked. 

What do you do to ensure a good night's sleep?

Danae by Gustav Klimt, c. 1907.