Thursday, February 7, 2013


"I'll always protect you," big bro says to lil' sis.

We celebrated Izzy's third birthday at her new school yesterday afternoon. Big brother Caden wanted to help and couldn't wait to see little sister's classroom, meet her new friends and pass out the pink heart-shaped cookies we brought. 

The moment she and her friends arrived in the school's play area, Caden grabbed her hand. Taking care and being gentle and tender as all big brothers should. "Are you excited to celebrate your birthday, Izzy?" he asked her, his voice scaling an octave -- his way of sweet talking. "I'm so happy to see you!"

For as much arguing as they've been doing the past few weeks, (He: "Izzy. It's not knowed, it's knew." She: "No it isn't." He: "Yes it is." She: "No it isn't!" He: "Yes it is!" She: "NO IT ISN'T!!" He: "YES IT IS!!" Mom: "Can't we just all get along?" She: "No we can't!"), it was such a relief to see them enjoying each other's company. Dare I say it, even adoring one another.

With siblings, sometimes it feels like all you do as a parent is referee. You mitigate fights, negotiate treaties and almost always call timeouts. But moments like these, when she snuggles against his chest and he lovingly holds her hand, make all the ref work worthwhile.