Monday, October 21, 2013

Links oct21

"Someday, I will be too old for this sort of thing," blogger Helen Kim says
of this lacy fold-over sock + red kitten heel combo. I say, "Work it, girl!"

I love my girlfriends. And their blogs are a wonderful way to catch up. Check out the thoughts and curiosities of these women-- extraordinary, hilarious, soulful, smart, beautiful-on-the-inside-and-out. 

A little blog lovin' for today's links (thank you, ladies!):


  • I love Helen's blog for many reasons. Real, raw, sarcastic, irreverent, clever. And she always makes a good case and point about pretty much everything. (Case and Point)
  • Eva's a talented photographer. She's got a wonderful way of capturing the everyday and making them momentous (friendship, true love, new life). My favorite part of her blog chronicles her newest role: mother. (The Mama Project)
  • Erika's got deep thoughts. Her words push me to think outside the box (that box being my own self-absorbed psyche) and gives me a much-needed dose of perspective. (The Trees Will Clap)
  • Sarah is a true adventuress. I think she's set foot on every continent except Antarctica (give a few years, she'll explore that too). She's traveled near and far and always sees the world with childlike wonder. (Sarah Yi)  
  • When I read Jihee's essays on motherhood, I LOL so hard I often pee myself. Word Jihee, word. (Ajummama)