Thursday, February 13, 2014

Kinda like a rapper

The coolest form of storytelling? Rap.
(Art from Def Jam Rapstar)

Do you have a secret indulgence? Perhaps cigarettes and Grey Goose. Maybe lacy lingerie and lots of Louis Vuitton. Or getting scrubbed down by an ajumma at a Korean spa followed by the occasional plastic surgery. 

Mine is rap. 

And not just the bobbing-your-head-to-the-beat kind. I like it dirty, gangsta and straight-up 90s. I love rap for its power, grit, ambition, the bravado, pure poetry and storytelling. That and the fact that I secretly wish I could carry a rhyme like the best of them.

One of my favorite things to do is put on my headphones and listen to rap really, really loud while riding the subways in New York. It makes me feel really badass. 

Kinda like a rapper.