Wednesday, July 30, 2014

BFFs are your best accessory

While on vacation in California, my best accessory wasn't my new yellow leather handbag or favorite espadrille wedges -- it was my BFFs. When you keep company with smart, fabulous ladies who make it a point to be gorgeous -- inside and out -- it naturally ups your fashion A-game.

We had a grand time in Palm Springs (poolside sipping pina coladas and working on our tans) and a few weeks later dined together at a vaudeville theater-turned-restaurant in Silver Lake (if you live in LA you must visit Mohawk Bend -- my new fave!).

Going out with these gals is the best. And getting ready to go out is even better. We review and edit each others outfits. Try different shades of lipstick. Survey each others make-up routines. Share hair tips. Trade nail polishes. Ooohhh and ahhh over sparkly baubles and fancy heels. I am filled with so much joy during moments like these.

Forget diamonds. Best friends never go out of style. 

BFF style. (Refinery29)