Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Fashion prodigy: the jeweled "evening gown"

I consider myself a pretty lucky gal to be a part of the Anthropologie family. It's my most favorite shop in the world and so wonderfully reflects my style sensibilities: eclectic, free-spirited, romantic.  

Izzy calls it "the fashion store" and loves visiting me when I'm at work. Her favorite thing to do is try on the clothes -- especially the dresses. It never crosses her mind that she's about 12 years ahead of schedule. If it doesn't fit then use a rubber band to cinch the waist! Or tuck it in at the sides! Or roll up the sleeves!

For Izzy, there's always a way as long as there's imagination.

On this particular afternoon it was all about evening gowns. This dress was her favorite. "I feel like a princess!" she said as she pranced around the fitting room. Izzy asked me to take a few snaps (see photos below) then walked to the front of the store to look for more dresses. That's how I got the pic (above) with that thigh-high slit.

I must say, the look works. Nice job, Iz!

Another Anthropologie number: the LBD.