Monday, December 1, 2014

This week's obsession: Unker's

A few weeks ago I had the will but not quite the back.

The lawn was covered with ugly, soggy, dead leaves. In short, the backyard looked terrible. Perfect opportunity for a workout, I thought as I pulled the rake out of the garage. Two hours later our yard was triumphantly leaf-free but I could barely move my back without wincing. It hurt so much to inhale was a chore.

The good folks at Unker's rescued me. This magic goo, made with essential oils and all natural ingredients including eucalyptus, wintergreen, pine needles and menthol is like Bengay or Tiger Balm but without the potentially harmful chemicalsThe husband slathered a good amount on my sore back for three nights in a row and my pain vanished.  

I love this stuff! Sometimes I'll open the jar and just take a big whiff. There's something soothing about its minty scent. (In fact, I'm doing a lot of sniffing of it as I write this.) 

More good stuff that's all-natural.