Tuesday, January 26, 2016

66 positive things

One can never have too many tools in her parenting toolbox. And what a beautiful thing to learn something new every single day!

I had coffee with a friend this morning and she introduced me to this awesomely helpful list of 66 positive things to say to your child. The ones that really struck me: "Your words are meaningful," "We can try your way," "Don't be afraid to be you," "Your friends are lucky to have you," "Being your parent is my favorite job," "You make me better," "That's a very fair point," and "We all make mistakes. Yes, me too."  

We have the power to make our children feel good or bad about themselves, which is the greatest power in the world.**

Let's choose our words wisely.

Text by Alessia Santoro for POPSUGAR.
Quote (**) from Living Out Loud by Anna Quindlen.