Friday, November 30, 2018

NASA (clothing) is having a moment

My husband went bonkers at the Vans store recently when he came across a collection of NASA-branded clothing and accessories - sneakers, hoodies, jackets and duffle bags. It was like a little boy's I-wanna-be-an-astronaut dream come true, albeit here on earth and not in the outer galaxies.

He walked out of there happy as a kid at Space Camp, eager to wear his new NASA black hoodie and NASA x Vans Old Skool "Firecracker" sneakers.  

Funny because I feel like I've been seeing NASA-themed clothing everywhere these days. Though the trend started popping up a couple of years ago, I'm seeing NASA tees, sweatpants, pins and patches at Urban Outfitters and on Kanye West to my neighbor's kid and the cover of Teen Vogue. 

And with this week's news of NASA's InSight landing on Martian soil, there are more reasons (besides it being cool and geeky and of-the-moment) to celebrate by proudly wearing that official "meatball" insignia.  

NASA has strict guidelines for using its logo.