Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Better living at 432 Hz / love, -j. podcast S1E1

I experienced a sound bath for the first time when I attended the Dreamtopia workshop in LA last month. As I shared in an earlier post, it changed my life.

For the inaugural episode of the love, -j. podcast I'm thrilled to  bring you an interview with scientist and sound alchemist Shanila Sattar, the fearless woman who guided me through that first sound bath.   

Founder of AlwaysPlay, an LA-based meditation and wellness studio, Shanila applies powerful sound healing modalities, breath work and neurolinguistic programming to help us open our hearts, release our anxieties, and reconnect with our playful selves. It may sound a little weird at first, but believe the skeptic in me. Grounded in science and research, there is something truly special that happens in our bodies at 432 Hz.  

From metaphysical to mainstream. (The New York Times)