Sunday, April 11, 2010

Can you say Dduk guk?

I'm at my parents' house (also affectionately dubbed the "Wudan Temple" by my brother) and every time we visit this refuge we FEAST. Yesterday afternoon, filet mignon; this morning, dduk guk-- Korean rice cake soup.

What is Dduk guk? It's a traditional Korean soup made of beef broth and oval- shaped rice cakes (not really cakes but more like chewy discs of rice deliciousness). You may also find ingredients like seaweed, green onions, egg and slices of beef. Koreans typically ring in the New Year by sharing a dduk guk breakfast together. The rice cakes are supposed to symbolize coins, which symbolize "good luck" for the coming year.

We eat dduk guk every time we want to celebrate something. And in this weekend's case, it's my brother's visit back home.