Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The power of the boob

I was at a meeting yesterday morning while the husband stayed home with the kids. On my way back, I called to check-in. "Hi hon, I'm coming home now," I told him. "Oh, good!" he said as our baby wailed in the background. "I gave her the bottle but she just didn't want it. I think she needs the boob."

Ah... the boob. Ask any newborn and she will tell you (if she could) that there's nothing like mommy's bosom. Imagine being tucked away in a safe place, tummy to tummy, cheek pressed against a warm breast, milk flowing abundantly, always satisfying hunger and thirst. If you've ever witnessed a baby right after she breastfeeds, you know the face-- complete and utter peacefulness.

I'm convinced many of the planet's ills could be cured by the boob. In fact, maybe what the world needs is a giant cosmic teat. On a creative quest but can't find inspiration? Go to the boob for a clear mind. Want to love thy neighbor but can't stand him? Nurse and meditate. Having a sh*tty day? Just suckle.

We adults have it all wrong. The babies are trying to tell us... there's real power behind the boob.