Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Links mar19 (on Having it all...)

Is Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg changing our ideas of "having it all?" 
(Photo: Vogue.com)

The topic of today's hot links: women, careers, motherhood and the concept of work-life balance, integration and if there is such thing as "having it all." What do you think?

  • Sandberg is the cover story of this week's Time magazine. She's also got a new book, Lean In, on bookshelves. (Time)
  • Women still can't have it all: Anne-Marie Slaughter's controversial article. Six months later, we're still talking about it. (The Atlantic)   
  • Susan Chira of The New York Times eloquently responds to Slaughter's article. 
  • Some women are giving up their careers altogether to embrace their role as domestic goddess. (New York Magazine)

Perhaps the question of women "having it all" is the wrong discussion.