Monday, March 31, 2014

Men who wear shorts

Maybe it's my untrained eye, but I'm having a hard time accepting the trend du jour in men's fashion right now: tuxedo shorts.

Pharrell Williams has shown up all over the red carpet in formal wear and shorts and caused the biggest stir at the Oscars earlier this month ("The Oscars is not the right time to wear a shorts-tuxedo," the stylist George Kotsiopoulos commented on Fashion Police. "It's not the Grammys."). 

Though I'm a traditionalist when it comes to men and their tuxedos (long pants, flattering cut, no ruffles please!), there is one upside about this look -- the incentive to wear a really, really amazing pair of shoes. 

Should the calf be put out to pasture? (The New York Times)