Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Japanese beauty products (I can't live without)

One of Shiseido's first advertisements, circa 1927.

My Japanese sisters know what's up when it comes to beauty. I mean, have you ever noticed a Japanese woman's skin? Flawless, glowing, gorgeous.

The Japanese beauty market is saturated with all kinds of products -- from "secret" drugstore buys to the bizarre and down-right terrifyingNose straighteners, breast rollers and face-slimming mouthpieces aside, here are four Japanese beauty products you'll always find in my medicine cabinet:

majolica majorca lash expander mascara
I do not leave home without wearing this.

the cure natural aqua gel
A facial in a bottle.

shiseido pureness oil blotting papers
This is in my purse at all times.

biore deep cleansing pore strips
Horrifying, yet strangely satisfying, when you see the results.

What are your must-have Japanese beauty products?

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