Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday selfie (sort of)

I say "sort of" because technically it's not a selfie (but who's keeping tabs?). My eternally adorable and charming gal pal Bess (my go-to girl for the goings-on in Cleveland) convinced me to pose for this Instagram pic. I must say, she made me look quite glamorous (note: I had just inhaled two pancakes the size of my face at the time this photo was captured).  

The outfit: Fire Los Angeles jumpsuit; Bordeaux Lauretta cardigan; chunky beaded necklace and aviator sunglasses @ Anthropologie; Penny Loves Kenny T-strap wedge heels; L.A.M.B leather clutch; Stranger Tides nail lacquer by OPI.       

The occasion: Brunch at Jack Flaps with some of my favorite gals in Cleveland.

Why I like this look: At the top of my fashion must-have list is the jumpsuit. I found this one at TJ Maxx for $20 and decided it needed a home in my closet. The wedge heels were purchased the same afternoon at TJ Maxx (also 20 buckeroos). The L.A.M.B clutch was one of those triumphant discoveries at Nordstrom Rack several years ago (I think I spent $40). Which proves my theory that you don't have to spend a million bucks to feel like a million bucks.    

Thank you @bessmihyun for taking such a fab photo. :) XOXO