Friday, August 15, 2014

California is thirsty

While in California this summer I couldn't help but notice how parched it was. Granted much of the Golden State is in the middle of the desert, but even in the desert things grow. It was as if I could hear the land crying out, screaming to me, "I am so THIRSTY!!!" 

And no wonder. Nearly 82 percent of the entire state is experiencing extreme drought conditions. This means mandatory water restrictions -- you can't wash down driveways or sidewalks, you're not supposed to water outdoor landscaping and in many restaurants patrons are being asked to pay for drinking water.

My friend Jeff Goodman (a son of Ohio and an honorary Californian) and his family spent a month visiting family in California. In this stunning and dramatic photo he captures the sad story happening right now.   

And it's not only California that's suffering. Six other states are also running out of water. Scary.


San Luis Reservoir
By Jeffrey Goodman

...This is my first photo documenting the severity of the drought in California. 

My boys are standing in the San Luis Reservoir in Central California. The reservoir is 74 percent empty. You can see the old water line to the left of my boys. If you look waaaay far in the front you can see a little black speck of where the water is now. 

I didn't ask my boys to put their arms around each other. That just spontaneously happened. 

Photo by Jeffrey Goodman.

California's drought launches a new gold rush. (National Geographic)