Monday, July 23, 2012

The (impossible) dream

The Brooklyn Bridge as seen from the East River Ferry.

So my husband and I have this crazy dream of moving to New York City. The lights, the energy, the skyline, the people, the food, the endless possibilities... If you've ever been bitten by the Gotham bug, you know what I mean.

We're at this crossroads in life: he's got 10 years in the auto industry under his belt and I've established my journalism career on the West Coast, plus marriage and two babies along the way. But our souls are restless and our life in Southern California has run its course. It's time to get up and move forward. Eastward!

Taking snaps in Union Square.
Friends have asked why on earth we would give up the "good life" here in Orange County. Three years ago, we bought the loft of our dreams. Not to mention the kids are set up in great schools, we have a wonderful community of friends here, and the husband had a great design gig at a reputable car company. But sometimes you gotta give up the good life to go on a great adventure. The things we hold on to - the house, the cars, the jobs, the conveniences - sometimes those are the very things keeping us from seeking out bigger experiences. Bigger opportunities. A bigger future. 

So we're selling our possessions, packing up, and seeking what sometimes feels like the impossible dream. Big, bad New York City. City of dreamers and wishers, city of the ambitious and hopeful. The center of the world, the grand metropolis, the Big Apple. 

I think Mayor Michael Bloomberg summed up my sentiment perfectly:

"Moving to New York has always been an act of optimism. To come here you must believe in a better future, and courage to seek it out; you must trust the city to give you a chance; and know that you'll take advantage when it does. You must believe in investing in your future with hard work and ingenuity. You must, in short, believe in accepting a challenge."

A view of Manhattan along the High Line.

Following crazy dreams means embracing, even welcoming, the unknown. For him, the unknown is pursuing his entrepreneurial aspirations ("Will this design venture succeed?"). For me, it's chasing after the journalism career I've always wanted ("Can I work my way up to an editorship at a national magazine?"). I'll admit, living in the unknown is uncomfortable. Especially for someone as Type A as me. I like to know exactly where I'm going at all times. But all those cliches are true: the road less traveled, coloring outside the lines, breaking free from the cage, you only live once, Carpe Diem...

So we're gonna go for it. We're ready to take a big, juicy bite.

Eating the best doughnut of my life, courtesy of Dough.
And write the next chapter of our lives.

The Empire State Building as seen from the streets of Midtown.

The only thing stopping us is ourselves...