Thursday, August 15, 2013

Flush, please!

This mom was having a moment. And not a very flattering one. But can you blame her? Let's give the woman the benefit of the doubt: she'd probably been asking her little girls over and over and over again to do the bare minimum after using the loo. I imagine she'd been having one of those non-stop Calgon-please-take-me-away kind of days and finally, she was looking forward to using the bathroom in peace. 

The house may have been quieter than usual. Her daughters were tucked away in their room. Maybe it was her one moment of solitude for the day. Then BAM! She lifts the toilet seat and sees, to her horror, evidence of the deed.

She lost it and yes, she probably shouldn't have used such colorful language. But we all have our breaking point. I mean, how many of us haven't been tempted to use the F word when frustrated by our kids? The honesty captured in this clip, especially in a climate where parents are expected to be perfect, is so relatable and refreshing.

It's probably why this 24-second video, which was uploaded to YouTube less than a week ago, has already been viewed more than six million times.*    

I've watched it over and over and have cried from laughing so hard. I guarantee you'll be laughing out loud, too. You might even soil yourself. 

Just remember to flush.   

*The original video has since been removed. Hmmm... Someone got in trouble and the sh*t must have hit the fan.