Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ballet at 40 (a prelude)

I did it. I signed up for ballet.

Turning 40 this year (in October, to be exact) has got me thinking a lot about my body and what it can do. So far, I've been amazed. I can scale Half Dome solo. I am disciplined enough to earn a black belt. I have birthed two babies. And climbed to the top of a samurai castle in Japan with a 6-month-old strapped to my body. I do a beautiful cartwheel. I can achieve the 26 different positions required in Bikram yoga in a room heated at 104 degrees. I still do a perfect push up.

But the last time I stepped into a dance studio was almost 30 years ago. I am enamored of ballet. Those bodies. Those lines. The strength, agility and discipline it requires. Ballet is poetry of the body. And I secretly wish I was a ballet dancer.

Ballet at 40 is my new challenge. I will have my first lesson this fall. And I look forward to sharing my journey with you!

Dancer by Edgar Degas (c. 1877)