Monday, April 7, 2014

This week's obsession: face oil

What kind of nut puts oil on her face? Apparently I've gone totally bonkers because now I swear by this face oil. For years I was hesitant (no, more like violently opposed) to attempt it even though my best friend -- who has gorgeous, flawless skin -- tried to convert me.

I'm one of those unlucky souls who, at 39, still breaks out like an angst-ridden teenager. Over the years I've tried everything to get my skin to behave: desperate visits to the dermatologist, prescription antibiotics, retinol creams, benzoyl peroxide lotions, salicylic acid cleansing gels, Proactiv and even Accutane. 

All of these things worked, but not forever. And my poor skin had had enough of the cleansing, scrubbing, rinsing, rubbing, prodding, kneading and fussing. Not to mention all the harsh chemicals I was using. My face felt beat up.

Then I stumbled upon this YouTube series and discovered London-based Pai organic skincare. Why not? I thought. Might as well stop being a baby and just try it. Plus, at 36 bucks a pop way more affordable than a $200 jar of La Mer.

I've been using it for two weeks (in tandem with this wonderful face serum) and my skin is in love.              

Photo by yours truly. No make-up. No re-touching.

My friend has her own organic skin care line (with face oils!). (Root Beauty)