Thursday, May 22, 2014

Rise of the good boy

I came across this interesting article in the April issue of Glamour magazine about the rise of the "good boy." Apparently in Hollywood bad boys are over. "Total d*ck moves like posting an ex-girlfriend's sex tape online are starting to feel as dated as The Situation's abs," Jason Sheeler writes. "The message is clear: The most bankable, most wanted stars are good boys."

Hollywood loves to latch on to the newest trend and in this case it's the "nice-guy movement" (which kind of makes me roll my eyes). Haven't smart, sensible women always gravitated towards the good boy? 

My girlfriends and I have a term for said nice guys: they are "good eggs." What makes a man a good egg is simple. He keeps promises. He values honor and integrity. He knows right from wrong and chooses right despite pride, greed or temptation. He is kind. He is generous. He is loving.

What do you think? Are bad boys over? Is it hard to find a good egg?  

Captain America illustration by Mike Zeck; color by Gerry Turnbull.

Men in their 20s: arrested development? (The Wall Street Journal)