Friday, June 27, 2014

Fashion prodigy: the mix-and-match ensemble

I love how Izzy sees the fashion potential in items that most of us would either toss or donate. 

Take these three pieces for example, all things in her closet she has outgrown. The first is her favorite pink monkey pajamas (size 2T). The second is a Baby Gap 60s-ish shift dress I bought for her when she was a year old. And the third is an emerald green Splendid t-shirt -- a favorite hand-me-down (size 3T).

Izzy's current fashion obsession is dresses and skirts with side slits. "I don't have a green skirt, so I made one!" she announced when I went upstairs to check on her (as I mentioned in my last Fashion Prodigy post, when all is quiet in the house it usually means she's up to something!). I quickly learned she had found the scissors I hid in the bathroom and used them to make a slit in her favorite green tee. The shirt became a skirt with a very high slit (which I was a bit bummed about -- I loved that shirt! -- but I gotta give my daughter bonus points for her innovation).

She's also really into capes ("Just like Elsa and Anna in Frozen!" she says). So naturally, she transformed her monkey jammies into a cape with long sleeves.

But what absolutely kills me is her poses. Izzy's part dancer, part diva and totally owns every second of it.     

You go, girl.

A bedsheet? No, an evening gown!