Friday, June 13, 2014

New favorite restaurant

It was the perfect spring day. The husband and I played hooky yesterday and wandered into Ohio City whilst enjoying blue skies, a light breeze and the gorgeousness of lush trees and blooming flowers (I've learned when you live in Cleveland, you take advantage of as many beautiful days as you can!).

I have been wanting to try The Flying Fig, especially with all the good things I've heard from my foodie friends. We got a table on the patio and already I knew it was going to be a great lunch experience (I always notice the little things: pretty just-planted flowers, white lights strung up overhead, tap water poured from vintage bourbon bottles). 

The gourmet cheese curds (light puffs of Buffalo mozzarella deep fried to perfection) sounded too good to pass up, so I indulged. Meanwhile, my husband ordered the Grilled Ohio Burger (with bacon, Cabot cheddar, mustard aoli and melted onion) and we agreed it was the best burger we've ever tasted.

And so I decided: The Fig is my new fave.      

39 things I love about Cleveland.