Friday, January 13, 2017

Women's March (signs of protest)

Spent the evening at Zygote Press with over a hundred other Cleveland-area sisters-in-arms making screen and letterpress posters for the upcoming Women's March on Washington.

The electricity and excitement is brewing. The march is just eight days away. You can feel something is going to shift. Something wonderful and powerful and moving is going to change the course of history. Maybe I'm reaching. Maybe I'm just hoping for something, anything to ease my fears. 

Last night's event was such a meaningful and collective experience -- standing shoulder to shoulder with all these beautiful souls. All of us preparing for the fight -- our peaceful protest against a pitiful wanna-be dictator and his authoritarian regime.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I have a love affair with words. I also appreciate their power. Which is why making these posters meant so much to me. 

Here are a few snapshots from last night:

In eight days, the good fight begins.

Shepard Fairey's protest art.