Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Hooray for cellulite

Can cellulite sell magazines? 

It's what taste makers and influencers are wondering about Glamour magazine's January cover -- featuring Girls creator Lena Dunham, baring her wonderfully fleshy legs, "cottage cheese" and all.

In signature Dunham style, Lena courageously and proudly waves her middle finger to our skinny-obsessed, fat-shaming culture. She disowns Photoshop ("Done with allowing images that retouch and reconfigure my face and body to be released into the world," she wrote in Lenny Letter last year) and is known to post shameless half-naked bathroom selfies on Instagram.

Good for her.

And bravo to Glamour for representing and empowering the 90 percent of us who have cellulite. It's another step forward in normalizing real women and real women's bodies in the media. 

Read the full Glamour interview here.