Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Autumn leaves

The prized possession I received for my 40th birthday was a nifty new camera. Getting my first DSLR camera was a long time coming. After relying on my iPhone for photos, I felt like it was time for an upgrade.

I took my Canon Rebel T5 out for a spin for the first time last week. I've already taken some 400 photos. Most of them are crap to mediocre. But then I got a few gems, like these of my kids frolicking in the autumn leaves.

Here's my daughter, who is obviously very comfortable in front of a lens. What a cutie! 

And my son, who earned extra allowance raking leaves. Go Caden!

Enjoy the outdoors, everyone. Happy autumn!

It's starting to get cold here in Cleveland and not quite ready for this.