Friday, October 10, 2014

Week in review

President Obama as a historic success, what kids around the world eat for breakfast, and why Jennifer Lawrence says the publication of nude photos of her are "a sex crime." 

Food for thought this weekend. Have a great one! 


Can wanting to believe make us believers? (The Opinionator Blog)

The athlete who made LeBron James possible. (The New York Times)

A big win for same-sex marriage. (The Washington Post)

24 surprising things about parenting in the US. (A Cup of Jo)

Even techies limit their kids' screen time. (NPR)

Millet-seed porridge, mush of plantains and pickled tofu: what kids around the world eat for breakfast. (T Magazine)

Jennifer Lawrence fights back. (Slate)

Nobel Prize-winning columnist Paul Krugman, once one of Obama's most notable critics, is now calling the president a historic success. (Rolling Stone)

Why do we re-elect them? (The Opinion Pages)

Watch these two adorable kids act out the audio of a senior citizen couple arguing about dishes. (Senior Snippets)

Photo by Hannah Whitaker for The New York Times.