Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Chop chop (my hair makeover)

I did it, friends! 

I'm officially a part of the #ShortHairDontCare sisterhood. Though I loved having long, mermaid hair I must say I feel liberated, lighter and sassier with my new 'do.

Sometimes you've got to let go of the things you hold on to most. For me, it was my down-to-the-middle-of-my-back locks. Somehow long hair translated to youthfulness in my mind. The longer it was, the younger I felt. Perhaps growing it was my way of triumphantly saying, "Take that!" to Mother Nature, especially after I entered my 40sIt took me two years to grow my hair this long. Like I said, sometimes you've got to let things go.

Now that hotter weather is here I've reverted to a topknot or high bun or worse -- the sloppy half ponytail. And because my hair is dense a topknot or bun results in a royal headache by the end of the day. Yes, sometimes beauty calls for pain (high heels, waxing your eyebrows, etc.) but feeling like there's a giant vise grip squeezing your temples is just not worth it.

Thankfully, my good friend and hair artist extraordinaire Jessica Pierce of Stile Studio in Tarzana did the honors. Seeing how I'm in California for the summer and inspired by Jessica's own hair transformation, I decided it was the perfect time to take the plunge.

Goodbye, mermaid hair! 

     C-H-O-P  C-H-O-P ! ! !

          And just like that.

               Eight inches gone!

Jessica achieved this textured bob by over-directing vertically with an undercut technique. In non-hair design speak, she basically "scooped" out the weight and created a shattered look with blended layers.

This chic, modern haircut is definitely more high-maintenance than my previous look (and Jessica warned me beforehand that it would take more effort). But she recommended that I use this curling iron to achieve those textured, beachy waves.

Thank you, Jess!! I love my new look! 

You're a hair genius.

Teetering in dangerously high heels.