Friday, September 4, 2015

Fashion prodigy: the t-shirt dress (School Spirit Day edition)

My fashion-forward daughter is now a kindergartener at a brand new school. Oh happy day! For her, the newness means more friends to be made, new teachers to look up to, and a whole year of exciting fashion moments! 

Not one to miss a style opportunity, Izzy used today's Spirit Day as a chance to express her fashion resourcefulness. "Hmmm... This is too big," she said this morning as she examined her new tomato-red school t-shirt. "But that's OK. I'll turn it into a dress!"

I offered up her brother's navy blue belt to help cinch her waist (since we couldn't find her glittery, pink one). "No, that belt is not right. It looks too severe!" she announced. "I'll help you think about it while I make breakfast," I told her as I walked downstairs.

I looked through the kitchen drawers. A piece of yarn? A small rope? A bunch of twist-ties connected together? Then it dawned on me. One of those mega-sized grocery store rubber bands! She tried it on and beamed. "Perfect, Mommy!" she squealed. Paired with white sandals and her FOUNT Kids Adventure Pouch, Izzy's outfit turned out to be a simple yet fun mother-daughter fashion collaboration. 

Gold stars for us!  

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