Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Tuesday selfie

I'm headed to LA tomorrow to attend a conference with fellow big dreamers - entrepreneurs, designers, artists, writers, podcasters and small business owners, among others. For two days we'll be workshopping, networking and pitching our ideas - all with the goal of quitting our day jobs to pursue our passions full time.

The event is also an opportunity to put an outfit together (obviously!) and I'm happy to report that this whole ensemble cost less than a hundred and fifteen bucks.    

The outfit: Who What Wear 3/4-sleeve striped blouse and matching midi skirt from Target; Calvin Klein white pointy toe pumps from Nordstrom Rack (similar ones here).    

The occasion: Dreamtopia Workshop hosted by Don't Keep Your Day Job podcaster Cathy Heller and her friends. (My dear friend encouraged me to go with her and I said yes. Sometimes you need a good pal to give you a swift kick in the butt.) 

Why I like this look: It's bold, eye-catching and best of all, I feel really good in it. The blouse's fluttery 3/4-sleeves and high neckline are flattering. I'm also feeling the concept of the midi skirt - feminine and conservative yet not stuffy. When I tried this outfit on in the dressing room I was envisioning white pumps as the perfect contrast to the bold stripes. I got lucky and found a beautiful and comfortable pair, heavily discounted. To finish the look I'll wear a piece of statement jewelry, like this necklace but in pink.

A Monday, Wednesday and Friday selfie. :)