Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Come back, New York

Have you been looking through old photos? Longing for a time pre-pandemic? This is me on the steps of The Met in 2012. Look at all those people not wearing masks and not social distancing! I am grieving for a New York I had no idea would vanish overnight.

There is comfort knowing New Yorkers are collectively grieving. Though we can't gather and embrace and cry together, reading these heartfelt love letters are like a balm for my soul.

  • Forgive me, New York, as I forgive you. (NYT)
  • We miss dollar slices, rats and La Guardia. (Man Repeller)
  • We miss museums. (The New Yorker)
  • The crowds, the big-ticket blockbusters that were a subway ride away, "just everything." (NYT)
  • We miss the sounds of New York. (New York Public Library)

A list of broken dreams. (Vulture)