Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Jason Sudeikis's hoodie is a Covid mood

Who even cares about fashion right now? 

I've been asking myself this question almost every day for the past year, particularly on those afternoons when I catch myself in the mirror, still in my pajamas. Homebound and forever wearing the same sweatpants has dulled my desire for style. Maybe it's why Jason Sudeikis's tie-dyed hoodie at the Golden Globes really resonated with me.

I found the whole thing weird but oddly comforting - his rambling but touching speech, Zooming from what looked like a humble-looking living room, that dressed-down sweatshirt (I noticed it was Forward_Space right away because I used to take classes at the studio, which turns out is his sister's). 

Awards season pre-Covid was another life. When the Red Carpet was like my Super Bowl. We'd have parties, we would sip champagne, we dished about who-wore-what. This time around, during a global pandemic that has taken over 500,000 lives in the US alone, caring about who-wore-what feels irrelevant. A bit gross, even.

Thank you, Jason, for capturing my Covid mood.

Best dressed at the Golden Globes.