Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Who is listening? (#StopAsianHate)


I am at the same time sad and angry.

I was glued to my phone last night when the first reports came in. So disturbing. Yet not at all surprised. The seeds were sown and now the terrible fruit has dropped from the rotten tree.

Patterns reveal themselves. Pay attention. "Chinese virus," "kung flu," "you brought this sickness here," "go back to your country." A microscopic virus now replaced with a recognizable target.

We are not the virus.

Scientists believe the coronavirus originated from bats and somehow jumped to humans. The bat happened to live in Wuhan. But what if it came from a cave in Kentucky? Would eight people (six of whom were Asian women) have been gunned down last night?

I am at the same time sad and angry.

Image via Drawings for My Grandchildren