Thursday, March 27, 2014

A card is worth a thousand words

Does anyone send cards anymore? 

Can you think of the last time you sent or received one the old-school way (read: in the mailbox?). I was at the market the other day and happened upon a lonely kiosk of greeting cards, tucked away in the corner next to the produce and fresh flowers. They were simple 5x5 cards, many with inspirational quotes or pithy phrases.    

Some of my favorites:

It made me think about how much I love getting cards in the mail. Sounds corny, but I get a rush when I see a handwritten envelope with my name and address. It's the same feeling I had as a child on Christmas morning. Excitement and suspense. 

Sometimes love is as simple as a good wish stuffed in a paper sleeve with a 49-cent stamp on top.  

Handwritten notes are a rare commodity. (Harvard Business Review)