Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Drool-worthy abodes

I have a badly neglected Pinterest board but if I had the time and wherewithal it would be covered with images of drool-worthy apartment interiors. I love dreaming about exactly what I want my home to look like. Even more fun is making that dream come to life.

Just like a mama bird who builds her nest branch by branch, I collect pieces one by one, with thought and intentionality. That flea market picture frame, the second-hand ceramic coffee mug, that hand-me-down chenille rug. Everything in my home will tell you a story.

Of course, that was before we sold everything, packed all of our belongings in 43 boxes and left California to forge our way eastward. And while on an extended pit stop here in Cleveland (before heading to our final destination: NYC), my husband and I are dreaming about what we want our new home to look like.   

Something like this.

And this!

I'm in love with this elegant blue armchair.

And this Peruvian-inspired sectional is so me!

This violet lamp, gilded sunburst mirror and arrangement of glass grapes make me happy.

Something like this for my map-obsessed, music-loving 8-year-old.

And this for my pink princess.

And finally, what I would want our bedroom to look like.

If you were to start over, what would you want your home to look like? If you dream it, you can make it come true! XOXO.

Take a look at this NYC apartment. That bookshelf! Love. (A Cup of Jo)

Modern, multi-hued interiors. (Dwell)