Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fashion prodigy: the pose

For Fashion Prodigy, the magic is not just in the clothes -- it's as much about the pose and attitude.

Take this series of snapshots (taken exactly one year ago for this Throwback Thursday). Izzy chose this schoolgirl chic outfit one morning before school. She was really into her lace-up high tops at the time and paired it with striped leggings and an adorable gray three-tiered scooter skirt. I suggested the green Splendid t-shirt (which she later turned into a skirt) and cashmere Marc Jacobs hooded zip-down sweater. Perfect ensemble, right?

Actually what I think pulls everything together is her confident poses. The first one is just plain flat-out cute. The second screams, "I'm too cool for school." And the third has so much attitude it would make Tyra Banks proud.

See what I mean? Magic.

Fashion prodigy's take on the jeweled evening gown.