Friday, September 12, 2014

Week in review

Bloggers love kicking off a new series so here I am, kicking off a new series. Each Friday, I will lovingly and painstakingly present to you 10 curated links to various articles, essays, columns, videos, photos, short films and other forms of media from the past week. Some will be quirky, some you may have missed and others will be obvious news items but with a twist.

Happy reading, happy watching and have a fab weekend!



worth-the-read perspective on the Ray Rice domestic violence fiasco. (Rolling Stone)

Gloria Steinem on feminism today. (The Sound of Ideas)

Apocalypse Pooh, if Wes Anderson had directed Forrest Gump and other movie mashups. (Kottke)

Tomboy perfume. Do or don't? (Cup of Jo)

A child helps your career, if you're a man. (The New York Times)

19 glorious moments from NYFW. (The Cut)

I have no need for the new Apple Watch. But I most want it pronto.

Spoken word artist Prince Ea on why he thinks this world should end. Really powerful -- you need to watch this.

Obama's speech on ISIS, in plain English. (The Atlantic)

13 years later, not forgotten. (Mashable)

Illustration by John-Patrick Thomas for The New York Times.